Reaching out globally...

We are a trading company based in London active in several business sectors. Those business sectors range from the export of high quality vehicle spare-parts to the export of movie related toys.


Global Reach Trading Limited

  • Export Dealer - Motaquip spare-parts - worldwide
  • Export Dealer - Quinton & Hazel spare-parts - Sri Lanka
  • Oringinal Spares - Peugeot, VW, Audi, Skoda & Seat spares supplier
  • Exports - Truck, Trailer & Commercial Vehicle Parts
  • Motor Vehicle Spare Parts Factor
  • Consolidated Shipping - Sri Lanka
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Web retail - licensed movie related toys and memorabilia
  • Export of licensed movie related toys and memorabilia
  • Web retail - Vehicle spares and accessories


Our goal is to increase the scope of our business internationally taking the quality brands we carry, to as many countries as possible. We strive to consolidate our brand presense in the countries we already have trading partners or representatives in. Global Reach Trading is continually growing and therefore is always on the lookout for individuals or organisations to work with us. If you are an individual or a company interested in working with us, either in your own country or here in the UK we are very interested to hear from you.


In 2016 @ GRT

We are going BIG and moving fast with the vehicle spare parts. In March - April of this year the guys at GRT are working hard to set up the Motor Factor venture in our new Warehouse in Watford. Export of vehicle spares will increase as well. An expert in the trade is joining GRT in March to help us with the setup and run the whole motor factor and export arm of the business. We are very happy and excited about the new developments. 


On the Toys side of things, the new website has been developed and is under the live testing phase by our technical team. We hope to launch the website at the begining of May 2016. The new site will enhance our image in the movie related toy sector and will enhance the customer experience as well. Loads of new products from NECA, Mezco and a huge number of fantastic comics will be on sale on the new site. All we can say is "Watch this Space !". 


There are many questions we get asked again and again. Maybe your question is one of them. Please check our FAQs for a quick answer to your question.